Who we are

We are just normal parents with teens and tweens.  We hope our  MangoProtection app help kids learn self control and discipline by leveraging advanced computer technologies in kids’ self control time and free parents from parental control chores.

Feeling stressed about monitoring child’s web use?Our Solution

Mango Protection is an intelligent parental control software that solves the common problems of similar products on the market by employing innovative technologies.

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Complicated Settings

Managing traditional parent control apps is often not easy. Installation and setup items are cumbersome and complicated. Some even require advanced computer knowledge, which discourages many parents.


No more settings after one-click installation. Let child manage their online time. Child become more cooperative and independent.  Communication improves and stress reduced.

Be Disturbed Any Time

Most apps of the same kind require parents to frequently check the notifications because children often have temporary or unexpected request of time. This affects the normal work of parents.


Parents arrange the total amount of time spent on the Internet in the morning. Children themselves have the authority to arrange when to use Internet and duration of each Internet connection. This greatly reduces the chance to interrupt parents at work.

Rebellious Child

Restricting children's Internet access can easily lead to their rebellion. The 'rules of the game' are all set by you. They complain they have no freedom, no right to decide or even to choose.


Let the children plan their own Internet timetable and self-discipline their web use. This improve their time management and self-control ability.

Distinctive Advantages

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Easy to Install, Setup and Use

It’s easier to install, setup and use Mango Protection than other similar apps. Parents don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy to learn how it works.

Real-time Chat Support

Mango Protection’s unique interface lets children interact with the system in real time through online chat—so they can get quick answers at any time, or adjust the app’s settings whenever they’d like.

Comprehensive Blocking of Harmful Sites

Mango Protection ’s blocking database includes millions of harmful websites and social platforms, and the database is constantly being upgraded and expanded. Websites involving pornography, gambling, drugs, and other topics that are harmful to children are blocked by the system

Better Value

Mango Protection offers more functionality at a lower price than competing apps. When compared to similar products, only Mango Protection offers a full range of features at an affordable cost.

Success Cases Voices from parents

I got rid of a lot of troubles after using it. I no longer quarrel with my daughter about her web use. She became more independent in learning and her grades have also improved.

Independence for Children and Peace of Mind for Parents

By giving children a voice in deciding how many hours of online time they’ll have each day, Mango Protection helps them develop independent problem solving and time management skills. And through “equal and friendly” communication with their parents, and by setting up web use plans together, children also gain an understanding of their parents’ concerns and worries—which leads to more cooperation.

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3-Months Free Trial

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We offer special 3 months free trial during our test period. The offer is limited to the first 200 users. Come and get it!

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